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Our Commercial Projects

PeakShow Energy is the residential-focused division of the global leader in solar solution provider. We have profound experience in commercial project across East Asian countries and other continents. 

We are your first choice if your organization is seeking commercial solutions. View the projects below for more information.

Reach us via phone or email for discussion of commercial solutions. 



Liaohe Farm - 50,000-kilowatt

The 50,000-kilowatt centralized solar power station project of Kailu County Rongda Power in Liaohe Farm was successfully connected to the grid in 2020. 


Ningxia Agricultural Reclamation Group - 150,000-kilowatt

By making full use of the space under the solar panels, the breeding of goats and beef cattle under the solar panels and the planting of crops are explored, breaking the situation that the solar composite project only has "light" but not "agriculture", making the project transform into a collection of clean energy power generation, A high-tech ecological and environmental protection project integrating agricultural planting and breeding.



Nepal - 1,220,000-kilowatt


The completion of the centralized solar power station can achieve a maximum installed capacity of 1.22MWp, an annual power generation of more than 1 million kWh, an average annual reduction of carbon dioxide emissions of 1079 tons, and a saving of 379 tons of standard coal. After the solar power generation project is officially put into operation, it will provide the company with more low-carbon green energy, which is a symbolic measure for the company's green and low-carbon transformation.


Pingluo Country - 240,000-kilowatt

Thanks to its unique solar energy resources, Pingluo County vigorously develops solar power generation projects, introduces "Solar +" diversified applications, and promotes the integrated development of solar, agriculture, and animal husbandry. Among them, the BIPV project of the second dairy farm of Ningken Dairy and Liken Animal Husbandry is a model of local "Solar + animal husbandry".

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