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PeakShow Products

At Peakshow Energy, the products we choose to use for your installation leverage cutting-edge technology to make your transition to solar energy as efficient and reliable as possible.


Solar panels are a key component in solar energy systems and play a crucial role in the process of converting solar energy into usable electricity. Our team of experts ensures that each panel is installed to the highest degree of precision and safety.


Built to last, they come with a robust 15-year product quality and process warranty and 25 years of linear power guarantee, providing you with long-term peace of mind and maximum energy output for years to come.



Micro-inverters are at the heart of our solar solutions. These devices efficiently convert solar-generated direct current (DC) into household-friendly alternating current (AC), optimizing your system's energy output and ensuring you get the most out of your solar panels.

Engineered for optimal efficiency, each of our micro-inverters supports up to four solar panels and offers easy plug-and-play installation. An external antenna ensures reliable communication with the Data Transfer Unit (DTU). Adjust the power factor from 0.85 leading to 0.85 lagging for maximum control and efficiency. Compliant with stringent safety standards including CA Rule 21 and U.S. NEC 2014/2017, our units feature robust NEMA (IP67) enclosures and 6000V surge protection.


All are backed by a 25-year warranty for long-term peace of mind.


Stay informed and in control of your energy usage with the real-time monitoring application at your fingertips. Track your energy production and usage and optimize your system for maximum efficiency on your mobile device.

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Last but not least, critter guards offer an extra layer of protection for your investment. These specially designed guards prevent animals like squirrels and birds from nesting under your panels, keeping your system safe and operating at its best.

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