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Step by Step Guideline

Federal Canada Greener Homes

Navigating Solar Incentives for Maximum Benefit, this manual will guide you through the Prime Federal Incentives to determine your eligibility.

> Up to $600 as a maximum contribution toward the total costs of your pre- and post-retrofit EnerGuide evaluations

> Interest-free loans of up to $40,000, with a repayment term of 10 years to help you undertake major home retrofits


Canada Greener Homes Loan: Secure interest-free loans of up to $40,000 per household, especially designed for those in the pre-retrofit stage with the Greener Homes Grant.​

Canada Greener Homes Loan

What can I access?

Maximum: $40,000

Minimum: $5,000

Repayment term: 10 years, interest-free

Loan type: Unsecured personal loan on approved credit

The maximum eligible loan amount is calculated based on the retrofits selected in the application and the quotes for this work. The eligible amount is capped based on industry standards and market norms.

Am I eligible to apply?

You are ineligible for this loan if:

  • work that has already been started or completed

  • retrofits that were not recommended in your pre-retrofit evaluation

  • retrofits that are not included in your application (that is, you must not add additional retrofits to your loan application after it has been approved)

  • retrofits that are not eligible for a Canada Greener Homes Grant


  • You must be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or non-permanent resident who is legally authorized to work in Canada

  • You must own the home and it must be your primary residence

  • You have a pre-retrofit evaluation and have not yet had a post-retrofit evaluation

  • Your pre-retrofit evaluation was completed on or after April 1, 2020

  • You have not started the retrofits for which you are seeking a loan

  • You have a good credit history and are not in:

  • a consumer proposal

  • an orderly payment of debt program

  • a bankruptcy or equivalent insolvency proceeding

Tips before you apply

  • Do not start any work until your loan application has been submitted.

  • Submit a complete application

  • Your loan application must include all retrofits that you plan to complete. Retrofits cannot be added later.

  • Make sure that the quotes from contractors are clear and show the cost of the eligible energy efficient retrofits.

How to apply?

Step 1 - Find a service organization and schedule a pre-retrofit evaluation of your home

Step 2 - Plan your retrofits and obtain quotes (We will help you! Get a quote now!)

Step 3 - Submit your loan application before starting any work (Don't worry, get a quote now, you will have plenty of time between your application to installation)

Step 4 - Complete your retrofis (Its on us!)

Step 5 - Get a post-retrofit evaluation

Step 6 - Final loan advance

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