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Installation Process | Arbour Wood

Number of Panels: 21

System Size: 9.45kW

Inverter: Hoymiles

Total time of installation: 2 Business Days


Completion Aero Inspection:


Installation Process:

1st Day - Pre-Installation:

2nd Day - Panel Installation:


🌞 Solar Spotlight: NW Calgary 🌞

We're ecstatic to announce our latest successful installation in the beautiful neighborhood of Calgary NW. Every new installation brings us one step closer to a brighter, cleaner, and more sustainable Calgary.

Why Solar in Calgary?The City of Calgary, with its serene surroundings and commitment to community, is the perfect backdrop for our state-of-the-art solar solutions. We're not just powering homes; we're powering communities.

Benefits at a Glance:🌍 Reduced carbon footprint💡 Lower energy bills🔄 Sustainable energy for a brighter tomorrow

Thank you to our amazing team and the residents of Calgary for trusting PeakShow Energy. Together, we're turning Calgary's skyline green, one roof at a time. #PeakShowPower #CalgarySolar #GreenFuture

Interested in going solar? Drop us a message!

please contact us by phone or email: 1-825-747-9991,


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